HONOLULU (KHON2) – As a musician, Keilana Mokulehua, knows all to well about facing challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite being out of work, she’s using her gift for a greater cause.

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“I wanted to make a difference in the community outside of just being able to play music and see how I can help these venues and businesses that essentially helped me to do my job,” said Keilana Mokulehua, a local singer and songwriter.

Keilana is using her original music to uplift the community’s spirits while supporting local businesses through livestreams.

“A hundred percent of the proceeds are going to go to that business or whatever business I’m collaborating with that wants to help out,” Keilana said.

The musician’s most recent livestream raised over $1,000.

Through the sound of music, the singer inspired others to step up and help.

“I was like, I really want to get in on this,” said Shavone Lav, owner of Sugar Hut Bakery. “So I told her, ‘our business is not struggling, but I would love to help you find another business who is that we can donate to.'”

Sugar Hut Bakery has created the Giving Cookies with 100 percent of the proceeds also going to small businesses in need.

“The hope is that you buy a few more and you give it to others who are in need of just positive encouragement. Give it to someone who just needs their day to be turned around or maybe they’re yours to be turned around,” said Lave.

Sugar Hut and Keilana say they have more ideas in the works on ways they can continue to give back to the community.

“I really love the sense of community that we have here and that aloha spirit. I feel like, right now is a perfect time to to really showcase that,” said Keilana.

For more information about Sugar Hut Bakery’s Giving Cookies, click here.

To stay up to date with Keilana’s upcoming livestreams to support local businesses, click here.

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