Local doctor creates a protective device


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Dr. Tony Trpkovski from Doctors of Waikiki has come up with what he believes is the perfect protective device.

“Whats needed is something to protect you from droplets” said Trpkovski. “When somebody’s talking to you or sneezing or coughing droplets are being spread from their mouth and their nose. And if you don’t have eye protection or face protection it’s going to get into your mouth and your eyes and you’ll get infected”.

Which is the very reason he and his brother developed something they call the True Hero Shield.

“It’s a nice plastic, medical grade and when you put it on in you’re protected and ready to go. Very simple not too expensive”.

Dr. T says he and his brother designed the shields here in Hawaii just two weeks ago. And they’re already being manufactured in Jamestown New York. At a rate of 60,000 shields every single day.

“I’ve already given them to one of our local hospitals that are using them in the ER. And I’m going to be donating more. I’m trying to get them the protection they need and make it high-quality protection”.

Trpkovski says getting these shields in the hands of healhcare professionals and first responders in his first priority.

But he also believes it’s something that everybody could use.

“Yeah you can wear a mask and you can wear shield and you have the best way to protect yourself. And protect it from all sides which is the true hero shield That’s what we call it. If somebody sneezes or coughs on me it’s going to hit the shield first. And if I have a mask  I’m double protected”.

He says it’s easy to breathe,  doesn’t get hot or fog up, and is one size fits all.

“I really think this will help. The more people have protection and more of the community will be less exposed.  

The masks are only $6 and are available here.

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