LG Green warns of dire consequences if stay at home order isn’t followed


The lieutenant governor Monday gave some sobering news on what can happen if people do not follow the stay at home guidelines.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green pointed out that the situation could rapidly get much worse if everyone does not follow stay at home guidelines. He says in a matter of five days, the rise in COVID-19 cases could jump by 43 percent .

“And they themselves will spread, that is how we lose. That’s how people die in the state of Hawaii. That’s why the governor was so smart to ensure that we stay at home and that’s why we should listen to Gen. Hara when he says please, please, please, follow the rules, quarantine at home,” said Green.

The state health department says out of the 204 cases, six people are in intensive care and two are on ventilators. Green adds that right now there are a good amount of hospital beds and ventilators available. But that would drastically change if that dramatic rise in cases happens.

“We’re using 58 of our 535 ventilators right now, that’s just 11 percent, that means we are keeping it down. However, if we do not quarantine at home, those numbers go up very fast and just 400-500 people needing a ventilator will exceed our capacity to keep people alive,” said Green.

Green says the good thing is there’s new technology being tried at other cities like New York, where as many as four patients are able to share one ventilator. And now the state is able to test as many as 1,500 people a day, which he says makes Hawaii the third highest state in the nation.

Governor David Ige announced that the state will quarantine passengers from interisland flights starting midnight on Wednesday. Essential workers will be exempt. Ige stressed that the next few weeks will be critical for the entire state.

“We cannot let down. We must keep our guard up, getting through this crisis is going to take everyone working together. It will be hard, and it will continue to get worse before it gets better,” said Ige.

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