HONOLULU (KHON2) — Kauai’s nightly curfew is set to expire Wednesday.

Mayor Derek Kawakami said Tuesday that Kauai has no active cases.

All 21 of the islands prior cases have either recovered or left the island.

There has also been a major reduction in 911 calls and visits to the emergency room, which are all signs that the curfew was working.

“We can all agree that right now we are in a good place,” said Kawakami. “For that reason I’ve taken your feedback to heart. We’ve consulted with our emergency management team including the leadership of KPD, KFD and AMR. We are comfortable that emergency rule number 2 relating to the nightly curfew can expire tomorrow Wednesday, May 6.

Mayor Kawakami says if Kauai starts to see a spike in cases, the nightly curfew may be reinstated.