HONOLULU (KHON2) — Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami has gotten the go ahead from the governor to reopen medium risk businesses as soon as Friday. Many Kauai businesses say their phones have been ringing off the hook with customers since the announcement was made.

“There [were] like six or seven text messages saying omigosh, you can reopen. When can I schedule? Can I get it now? So I just go online and book, what do I do?,” said Waileia Kaneali’i, owner of The Face Place.

Kaneali’i owns a lash business on Kauai. She says the salon where she works out of has had major changes to adhere to social distancing rules, but she says not much will be changing for her when business begins again.

“I do use a mask when I do the service because I’m right above their face, and I’m in their face and I don’t want to be breathing on them,” said Kaneali’i.

However, other full body salons are holding off on certain services when they reopen, until they get more clarification from Kauai County.

“As of now our esthetician is not doing any face waxing in the salons, and we’re not doing eyebrow dying, [or] anything that deals with part of the face,” said Lee Ann Apao, owner of Studio 203 Salon.

At Paradise Beauty Salon and Spa, waxing will also be held off. The owner said she’s had to come up with training and plans for social distancing weeks in advance for preparation.

“We had to stagger the hair station and then had to stagger the pedicure chairs. So, it does take some thought and organization,” said Lisabeth Fletcher, owner of Paradise Beauty Salon and Spa.

One-on-one fitness and training will also be returning.

Sara Folsom, owner of Fit Lab Kauai said she’s had to move her fitness lessons online, which has been difficult for newcomers.

“It’s really hard to explain correct form when I can’t touch, show them face to face,” said Sara Folsom, owner of Fit Lab Kauai.

Her business primarily deals with group fitness and she said, while this is a step in the right direction, she’s hoping that group fitness will get the green light from the county as well.

“I think for a lot of people it’s being able to have that ritual, that routine again and like some sense of normalcy,” said Folsom.

Many say they are just glad to be able to see their customers face to face again.

“We’ve had so few cases in Kauai, so that makes our job a lot [easier], and for us salon owners too. We feel reassured that when we open the doors, it will be a safe environment for us and the people walking into the salon,” said Apao.

Not all businesses will be reopening Friday. Some say they still need some time for preparation, but recommend calling ahead of time for any appointments.