Kailua grad Sione Veikoso’s break from church mission allows for commitment to Oregon State football


Sione Veikoso

Sione Veikoso didn’t start playing football until high school. Now, almost two years out, he has committed to play at the college level. Veikoso’s situation has been uniquely affected by COVID-19.

“Learning a new culture, a new people, a new language and just getting to know how things are in Brazil. It’s been awesome,” remarked Veikoso, describing his church mission in Brazil. “Just really hot as heck over there.”

Sione Veikoso had spent the last year and three months in the Amazon rain forest, on his church mission.

“All the American missionaries, we all got the same call, ‘you gotta pack your things up. You guys are going back to your home states.'”

Veikoso is back home for now and the big offensive tackle just made his college commitment.

“This is a perfect time for me to make a decision,” said Veikoso. Get everything set back up. My plan is to go to school right after my mission.”

Sione will play college football at Oregon State. His mission’s end-date hasn’t changed – December of this year. At 6’6 295 pounds, when he arrives in January of 2021, he’ll already be a big man on campus.

“At the beginning of my mission other schools kind of fell off,” said Veikoso. “It was mainly [Oregon State] and BYU that kept sending emails trying to check up on me. When I came back, BYU wasn’t talking as much with me as Oregon State. So I decided to go with Oregon State because they were really going out there. They were really making the effort to get me.”

Graduating, a surfrider in 2018, Sione will make the move to Corvallis, three years later.

“It’s a DI school. It’s college for free. It’s a new city, new place to get to know,” said Veikoso, who is no stranger to adapting. “Everything about it makes me excited to get back out there, to get back on the field, especially in Oregon, in Corvallis. It’ll just be another experience that I’m waiting for to happen.”

The return to football will be highly anticipated in a time full of changes.

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