Iolani band students play beautiful music together, while apart


As schools adjust to distance learning, one of the classes that just isn’t the same taught online is music.

Curtis Abe, the Director of Iolani Stage Bands found a way for his students to play together from each of their own homes.

“It turned into more of a project where we wanted to create an uplifting and positive video for people to see, especially for people going through tough times,” Mr. Abe said about his class assignment for Stage Band Three.

Twenty six students recorded their individual parts at home.

“It took us three-and-a-half weeks to put the audio together, and then for the video it took four days,” Mr. Abe said about the class project.

The unique homework assignment wasn’t easy.

“In a live setting, we’d be able to adjust our playing as we’re playing with each other, but when we’re on our own it’s hard to know what to compare yourself to,” said Elvis Imamura, a sophomore at Iolani.

Imamura edited the main track together.

“Everybody has to record it on their own, and they sent it to me and I weaved it together,” said Imamura.

Cassandra Carlyle, a senior, edited the video portion.

“I think the hardest part was syncing the parts to the music, especially with small parts like the shaker. It’s hard to hear it and find where to sync it up,” Carlyle said.

Tori Ann Abe sang the lyrics, which offer an important message to the community: stay home.

“It was really cool because when it was just us two at home, it sounded kind of weird,” Tori Ann Abe said about having to sing her part at home.

But the end result was a beautiful masterpiece.

The video also honors the graduating class of 2020.

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