HONOLULU (KHON2) — A legal effort to stop children from returning to campus next week has been scrapped.

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KHON2 learned attorney Eric Seitz is no longer seeking an injunction.

Some schools are planning to have students return to campus next week to meet their teachers and get setup with the distance learning programs that nearly all public schools will be taking part in.

Seitz says from what he’s hearing changes have been made to make the process safer for staff members and students.

“We were preparing to do so we had plenty of potential plantiffs,” said Seitz. “But every time we called a plantiff back to find out what was happening at his or her school in the interim since yesterday, the schools made arrangements so that the children are not actually coming in significant numbers Monday.”

“We are happy since yesterday when we came out with this,” said HSTA president Corey Rosenlee. “That we’ve been hearing across the state more and more schools are choosing to go to distance learning. Unfortunately, it’s not all schools.”

HSTA has filed a complaint with the Hawaii Labor Relations Board against the state and the Department of Education saying that teachers and students are being put in an unsafe environment.

Rosenlee says HSTA also plans to file a class action grievance against the state and DOE next week unless the DOE changes its plans to have students on school campuses.

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