The latest report from the Hawaii Tourism Authority shows 13 out of state flights arrived in Hawaii on Sunday. Onboard were 441 people, including 184 residents and 123 visitors. HTA says it’s cracking down on visitors coming to our state to make sure they follow quarantine orders.

Officials will soon be verifying phone numbers and property tax records. This new process is slated to begin Wednesday as officials wait for new equipment. HTA says more than 10-thousand calls to quarantined visitors have been made and that includes 2nd and 3rd follow-up calls. As for the rest of the community under the other emergency orders, officers have been handing out more citations.

On Oahu, the Honolulu Police Department says it does not compare the number of new tickets issued each day, but there was a shift from warnings to citations about a week ago. As of Monday, officers issued about 7,700 warnings and 28-hundred citations for violations of the emergency order. A spokeswoman says most but not all of the warnings and citations were issued for being in parks that were closed.

New state rules have expanded limitations for outdoor activities. Something Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami is seeking clarification on. Prior, the county has allowed walking and running on the beach.

“We remain in touch with the Attorney General and their office on seeking clarification for a number of community-raised items including the directive for exercising on the beach,” said Mayor Kawakami.

On Monday Governor David Ige says the order he issued refers to state beaches.

“We continue to work with all the mayors to develop a more consistent policy,” said Governor Ige.

Hawaii County Police tell us they’ve seen an increase in the number of violations. In the beginning, there was more leeway but by now officials believe the majority of the public is aware of the stay-at-home order. But they did say more warnings are issued than citations or arrests.

“It would stand to reason the longer this situation extends and with the uncertainty of when things will be returning to normal, this is going to cause stress and weigh on some individuals who will begin to act out and express their frustration on others,” said Major Samuel Jelsma of the Hawaii Police Department.

We’re told at this time Hawaii County Police do not see a need to increase enforcement.