HONOLULU (KHON2) — Businesses in Honolulu are looking forward to moving into Tier 4.

One Chinatown establishment owner said he hopes he can finally be able to allow dancing once again.

Mayor Rick Blangiardi said he submitted a modified emergency order to Gov. David Ige to move the County into Tier 4 of its reopening strategy.

Blangiardi said, “I hope to hear back, if not today, by Tuesday but we want to move the community to Tier 4.”

Dancing at bars or lounges has not been allowed in the past three tiers. The owner of Manifest in Chinatown, Brandon Reid, says he is hopeful Tier 4 will get people back on their feet.

“I want to encourage dancing so badly, to be on the side of the fence, I’m trying to tell people to please follow the rules and not dance,” Reid said. “Can’t wait. I think a lot of people will be looking forward to that.”

Tier 4 would allow nightlife and dance clubs to operate under special requirements and restrictions. The full details on those restrictions haveyet to be released by the mayor’s office.

Tier 4 would allow bars and restaurants to accommodate parties of up to 25 people, however.

Reid says he is already seeing more of his customers returning.

Reid said, “People don’t want to see us go backwards and they realize there are so few places to go that this one of those places they want to be part of the preservation.”

It is not just food and beverage establishments that will get an increase in capacity, workout classes can also expand classes to 25 people.

“One of the frustrating things I think as we maneuver through the tiers, is absolutely the wait list as we went from five, to ten and now hopefully 25,” Island Club and Spa Regional General Manager and Partner Geri Berger said. “It created a lot of challenges for people trying to get into the classes.”

Tier 4 would also allow gatherings of up to 25 people and expand capacity on commercial boats to 75%.

Berger said, they are not likely to expand their class capacity by too much. They expect social distancing requirements to stay in place.

Berger said, “What that does allow is a few more spots and believe or not that makes a huge difference for a lot of our members.”