HONOLULU (KHON2) — Traveling, protecting grandparents, protecting themselves — those are some of the reasons keiki gave for getting vaccinated when KHON2 spoke with them at the Hawaii Pacific Health drive-thru clinic.

From morning until afternoon, cars lined up at the Aloha Stadium parking lot on Saturday, Nov. 13.

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“We understand parents are really busy, all of our children have sports activities. So, if you couldn’t make an appointment, we started encouraging people to stop in, and we’ve been surprised how many people have stopped in,” Hawaii Pacific Health Director of Workforce Development Carl Hinson said.

Kids had many different reasons for getting their COVID vaccine.

“To protect my grandmammy and granddaddy, and my dad, and everyone and me,” said 6-year-old Skylah Lorne.

She had been exposed to the coronavirus twice before being vaccinated.

“Her dad works so she stays with me for when she’s had exposure, and so it’s probably safer that she be vaccinated because we’re kupuna,” her grandmother, Linda Lorne, explained.

Other kids said they wanted more leisure time, and 11-year-old Jaffer Dakroub wants to see family in Beirut.

“He actually told me, he goes, ‘mom you know what I want for my birthday?’ I’m like, what? He goes, ‘I want to get vaccinated.’ I’m like…what? (laughs) and he just wants to travel, you know?”

Wendy Dakroub, 11-year-old Jaffer’s mom

Others said it is OK to feel bad for a day if it means they will be protected.

“I would say, probably, it feels like a flu shot. I don’t know anyone who’s afraid of getting a flu shot because everyone is used to it,” 10-year-old Malia Plunkett said. “It doesn’t really hurt, and everyone is afraid of the needle but it’s just the same thing.”

Most families said it was easy getting in and out of the drive-thru clinic in about an hour.

“It’s been a really great experience, so fast, very organized. It made him have less anxiety right? Because it’s something new,” Dakroub said.

The clinic will continue Sunday, Nov. 14, from 8:30 to 4:45 at Aloha Stadium. Boosters and first doses will also be available for adults.

“We’ve got ample supplies, so come on down,” Hinson added.

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Appointments are available and can be made here, but participants can also drive up and register.

Hawaii Pacific Health will have a similar clinic at Kapolei High School on Nov. 20 and 21, with follow-ups for the second dose on Dec. 11 at Aloha Stadium and Dec.12 at Kapolei High. For a full list of COVID clinics where keiki can receive a shot, click here.