Here are some DIY self-care tips for during social distancing


HONOLULU (KHON2) — For many of us, sheltering in place requires learning new skills, especially when it comes to our self-care regimens.

Are you in hot pursuit of those graying roots? Missing that pampering for your paws and claws? Seeing a little too much hair here and there? Well, do it yourself, or not.

A little too hirsute to be cute? Aesthetician Laura Ohta says those waxing gels and creams are just not strong enough to do the job.

“A lot of times the hair is breaking below the surface of the skin and in 3 days to a week you’ll start experiencing ingrown hairs,” said Ohta of Glow Studio.

She suggests trimming for the time being, or shaving with a fresh razor.

Taming those talons? Expert violet uemura recommends removing your polish, then filing.

“Soak nails for a little while and take your orangewood stick and push the cuticle back,” said Violet Uemura who is a manicurist at the Paul Brown Salon. “If you have a cuticle nipper, trim only where necessary, after that take cuticle oil and if you don’t have any use hand cream and massage into your nail so you are now moisturizing your nails.”

Bushy brows? Aesthetician George Johnson says start with a warm compress.

“This will allow the hair to come out more easily,” said Johnson, who is with the Paul Brown Salon and Day Spa. “Next stretch skin, put tweezer at the base of hair pulling in the same direction of the growth. Only work under the brows, and if you’re not sure, don’t pull it. After you tweeze, grab 70 percent alcohol, dilute with water and wipe the area to kill bacteria so you don’t risk getting bacteria in the follicle and having a breakout situation.”

Do your bangs overhang?

“Separate hair from hairline, don’t want to cut into the hairline because it would take out the integrity of the design, cut with scissors upward, don’t cut this way because you’ll cut too high, and you should be all right. Hope we’ll all be out of this lockdown soon.”

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