HONOLULU (KHON2) – Alvin Kishimoto, otherwise known as Mr. K to his students, is like many other teachers in Hawaii trying finding new ways to teach from afar.

The Sunset Beach Elementary School P.E. teacher is using technology, creativity and comedy to connect with his students.

“As teachers we always try to introduce a new lesson, you want to think of something to hook the kids, get their attention and I want to be fun too,” said Kishimoto.

Kishimoto is doing just that with his P.E. lesson skits.

“I like Saturday Night Live and once I saw this skit where these two comedians dressed up in the muscle outfit and I’m going to pump you up and I just put that all together and had fun with that.”

The P.E. teacher says it’s not only important to encourage kids to have fun while distance learning, but also to stay active.

“Well you know with the Coronavirus on the loose it’s especially important to keep your body strong and healthy cause physical activity keeps your body strong and healthy and a strong and healthy body helps to fight off diseases and viruses like the Coronavirus.”

Kishimoto isn’t the only Sunset Beach Elementary teacher showing their students how to have fun in the midst of the Coronvirus outbreak.

“The other week, a lot of us teachers got in our cars, we put balloons and banners we drove through the community and it was really great waving honking the horns and the kids and the parents came out too they had banners and stuff too so that was really good.”

Kishimoto says he’ll continue to create more P.E. lessons online as long as the pandemic continues, of course with many other characters making a debut. For now, he says he wishes his students well and he misses them dearly.

“Wow, I guess that’s why I became a teacher. I really miss them. Especially the little one’s so cute they’re so excited when they see me. When are we going to have PE next when are we going to have PE next?”

To view some of Mr. K’s fun PE videos, click here.