HONOLULU (KHON2) – With a little coordination between an L.A. based artist, local flower truck company and The Queen’s Medical Center, these nurses were in for a treat.

“The nurses all came out and you know and they were all lined up and just to see everyone smile that goes along way so we appreciate each and every one of you nurses and keep on doing a great job as you are,” said Lynette Yi creator of Pua Blooms.

Artist Nicole Namdar and Yi of Pua Blooms wanted to show these nurses that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Flowers just from the beginning of time has just been known to bring out that positive energy and positive vibes just to brighten up everybody’s day just a little bit right? So we brought in an arrangement of tropical and fresh flowers so that every nurse was able to create their own bouquet,” said Yi.

For the nurses, it was a kind gesture that was much needed during these rough times.

“Their eyes light up, they were super thankful it gives them something to kind of hang on to for today and keep them in a positive spirit no matter what kind of stressors we go through,” said Amy Storbakken a Clinical Operations Manager at The Queen’s Medical Center.

Storbakken says this was the kind of surprise her nurses deserved.

“2020 is the year of the nurse, so far 2020 has been rough, very rough. During the first couple weeks we put in long hours. We have about a 180 staff and we would go and educate them and things would change cause you just have to flex and flow with the new information you’re getting, what’s going on what’s being presented to the ER.”

These nurses want to thank the community for showing their appreciation especially during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

“It really means a lot that our community and ohana are here to support us or we really wouldn’t make it through this pandemic without them,” said Storbakken.

For more information on Pua Blooms, click here.