#HawaiiStrong: Ohio woman unites nation through shakas across America


HONOLULU (KHON2) – An Ohio woman is proving that distance can’t keep us apart during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tammy Craig was inspired to connect the world during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

“So then I thought what if we connect every state in our country and so we started up on that. We were able to get some people and some more people on board and eventually we made it to connect with the entire country with our hands,” said Tammy Craig, creator of Hands Across America.

The video is called “Hands Across America.” The Ohio resident used social media to her advantage for the project.

“So social media was basically my driving vehicle to make this happen. I was able to put it out there on a post and people reached out and said yup I can help you. I reached out to people I knew on social media that would maybe have connections to other states so it was just one person after another helping each other out to make it all happen.”

The video received thousands of views on Facebook. From there, Craig decided she wasn’t done yet, her next project was to produce another video with a little touch of Hawaii.

“I’ve been to Hawaii and I love Hawaii and I love that shaka symbol. So I was like, why not just keep these good vibes going with all the 50 people that already participated and said let’s do this for Hawaii. This is part of their daily, they get people to do the shaka symbol so why not. How fun to get every single state to do that video for you guys.”

The shakas across America video has also reached thousands of Facebook users. Craig hopes through the likes and shares, people are also taking away the real message behind the project.

“It has always been a passion of mine to connect people, so during this time especially, there was even more of a passion to give people hope, to help people realize that they’re not alone. That we are in this together and to kind of get passed this idea that just because there’s distance between us doesn’t mean very much at all. We can actually be very connected in our hearts and in our minds.”

Craig is just getting started, her next video is taking her worldwide.

“Right now we’re working on a world video. We’re trying to connect every country in the world. We have about 50 videos in and we have about 100 different contacts to countries. So we’re still working on about 90 some countries to even get leads to but I know we can do it. It’s not an easy task at all.”

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