HONOLULU (KHON2) – You may know Maui Brewing Co. for its delicious food and drinks.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they’re still open for take out service and they’re also keeping busy by pumping out another product that’s essential to keep Hawaii Strong.

While sanitizers are running low, Maui Brewing Co. is keeping the supply high for essential workers.

“We are giving this freely it’s something that we think EMS, law enforcement, fire department, county of water, so many people who have already come to collect for those organizations,” said Garrett Marrero, CEO and Co-Founder of Maui Brewing Co.

The distillery is producing gallons of the sanitizer with their alcohol supply in store.

“It’s essentially a 70 percent ethyl alcohol base that comes from the distillation process, I can get super geeky and technical about it but it’s essentially what normally would be discarded from our actual capturings for drinking purposes.”

With over 300 gallons of sanitizer ready to go, Maui brewing company is donating jugs to essential operations.

These acts of aloha are keeping essential workers safe while providing an ease of mind for workers and their families.

Maui brewing company is hoping their initiatives to keep the community safe will bring provide hope and bring us all together.

The company is also giving away up to 16 ounces per purchase when you go to their Maui locations for take out service of their beverages or food items.