HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Coronavirus is changing the way artist Shar Tuiasoa is channeling her work.

“I’ve done more mask illustrations then I ever thought I would do in my whole life, but who knew,” said Shar Tuiasoa, owner of Punky Aloha Studios.

Tuiasoa is known for her colorful and unique pieces. Now, she’s using a creative approach to deal with the pandemic through her face masks signs.

“I used a floral arrangement from Paiko and they always post the most beautiful floral arrangements and I used it for reference and they were going to start opening slowly and safely and thought it would be fun to use that illustration as a sign and to tell people make sure you’re using a mask and you’re covering up.”

Some local businesses like Paiko, a floral boutique in Kakaako, are displaying the Punky Aloha sign at its store fronts as they reopen.

“It makes us happy to come to work to see it and right now making sure my staff feels comfortable to work is one of my biggest priorities and then next of course welcoming our customers and making sure they feel welcomed when they come in and they’re not reminded of all of the craziness going on in the world,” said Courtney Monahan, Co-owner of Paiko.

After many requests from business owners to use the sign, Tuiasoa made it available to the public free of charge on her website.

“This is just an extra way to show everyone like ‘hey I’m here with you, we’re all in this together’ you know.”

Tuiasoa says that’s what it’s all about, using her art to help people get through these uncertain times.

To download the free Punky Aloha face mask sign, click here.