#HawaiiStrong: Artist honors healthcare workers and gives back to small businesses during COVID-19 outbreak


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Nicole Namdar is using her ability to draw and create to add color to the world during these dark times.

“I saw that we were all on the same boat globally everyone was quarantined for the first time we were all going through this together so I thought what a beautiful time to try to create something anyone can connect with and enjoy,” said Nicole Namdar a digital illustration artist.

The LA based artist spent some time here in Hawaii for school and uses the culture she learned in her art until this day.

“I just fell in love with the culture, the spirit of aloha, the kindness of strangers, the lightness and when I had to suddenly leave it was devastating and by making my art and incorporating the traditions that is Hawaii I felt like I was still home.”

Now, Namdar is using her platform and adapting her artwork to provide hope during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I did you can’t quarantine aloha which was inspired by all of the love I was getting from people just thanking me and I just thought wow, there’s so much love and I’ve never gotten this much love. Let alone from not even leaving my home.”

Her illustrations have been shared by thousands of people online. As a former healthcare worker herself, Namdar even created portraits of nurses here in Hawaii.

“I understood how hard it is and what the sacrifice they were making especially nurses because they do so much work and I don’t think they ever get that appreciation for literally sacrificing their lives. So I just though it would be nice to make a respectful dedication and say hey I really appreciate you.”

Namdar is also using her skills to create custom artwork to sell and give back to small businesses.

“By putting a product on my shop and 100 percent of the proceeds to them so hopefully that it can help with their rent or their overhead. I just felt for them I couldn’t imagine, this is our livelihood, this is our passion so to lose that over such an unfortunate circumstance to begin with I just felt so bad. “

To learn how you can purchase a piece of Namdar’s artwork and help a small business in need, click here.

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