HONOLULU (KHON2) — The recent spike in COVID-19 cases has concerned some Hawaii businesses.

My Cafe in Kapolei temporarily closed after one employee had a recent exposure and another tested positive just before New Year’s Eve.

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“This new variant, it seems like it’s just going crazy a little bit.”

Mark Nakagawa, My Cafe owner

Nakagawa had some difficult decisions to make after the employee tested positive — he weighed the cost of business with employee and public health. Certain perishable ingredients like sauces, gravies and produce had to be thrown out.

“It won’t last the week and you know, we want to make sure we’re serving the freshest food possible,” Nakagawa said.

“And it is difficult too for a lot of our, a lot of our staff who really depend on their income, really depend on working.”

Mark Nakagawa, My Cafe owner

My Cafe reopens Thursday, Jan. 6, after being closed since New Year’s Eve. Nakagawa said he is being cautions and following advice from health officials.

“Everything is questionable, you know,” Nakagawa said, “but definitely we’re just keeping close eye on CDC guidelines and doing our best to follow those to the T.”

My Cafe is just one of several businesses that made changes due to the COVID spike. Click here for a full list. Nakagawa ended the conversation on a positive note.

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“We’re in this together so we just got to try our best to work together. Just be our best selves at all times.”

Mark Nakagawa, My Cafe owner