Hawaii’s Dr. Scott Miscovich to oversee COVID-19 testing for SEC football teams during 2020 season


Dr. Scott Miscovich

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on throughout the country and the world, cancelations and suspensions in the sports world have been abundant.

Over the last week, four out of the 10 NCAA FBS conference have announced that they will not be playing this fall due to safety concerns surrounding the pandemic. One of the conferences going full steam ahead towards a season this fall is the SEC, perhaps college football’s most prominent conference annually.

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Dr. Scott Miscovich, who is the president and founder of Premier Medical Group Hawaii, is running coronavirus testing sites in the state. He was also selected to oversee COVID-19 testing for the conference as he will be on site at least two weeks every month and will be on campus of all 14 schools at least two to three times during the season.

“We’ve identified a very I would say top-of-the-line, aggressive program for the SEC which is now published, which is two PCRs (Polymerase chain reaction) a week,” explained Miscovich. “We’re gonna do one on Sunday and we’re gonna do another one on Wednesday. We’re going to do the rapid antigen, which would be the equivalent of what you do with saliva.

“We’re doing that in the locker room or in a hotel on gameday so that a coach does not have a decision arbitrarily to say ‘does this person look good or not? Are they sick or not?’ No, we’re gonna be in the locker room and we’re gonna do over a period of an hour each team and if it’s positive for the infection being spread contagious, the player’s not playing. And then it’s done by an independent organization so it’s not like the university is trying to pick out whether their quarterback can play or somebody else’s quarterback, it’s all independent.”

Despite the rising amount of cases in the country, Miscovich believes football could help the country return to normalcy in some form.

“These individuals know what football means to our country and they’re willing to do this because they believe that if we can do this, there may be come degree of a feeling of returning to normal or some light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. “So I think that the public needs to understand yes, while this crisis rages on, we do need to have the country have some hint of optimism and football and SEC football is probably one of the best things we can do to allow that to occur.”

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