The coronavirus outbreak is impacting everyone. One of the hardest hit industries is the local wedding business.

Some brides are forced to cancel or postpone their big day, and vendors are losing out on money.

One of those brides is Sierra Allen. She got engaged to her fiance Sean Steele on New Year’s 2019. They booked their wedding for April 11, 2020 at He’eia State Park.

Allen and Steele had been looking forward to the big day for years. However, the coronavirus had other plans for the engaged couple.

“Our guest count is about 200 people, so I mean large gatherings… That’s definitely large, and our venue is at a state park” Allen said.

The state made the decision to close all state parks until the end of April.

“We tentatively found a couple of spots in November, but it’s not guaranteed yet,” Allen said about the next possible wedding date.

“It’s getting closer to our what was supposed to be our wedding date, and I just can’t believe we have to wait longer,” Allen said about the hardest part of having to postpone their wedding.

The virus means everyone in the wedding industry is hurting for business.

Alex Klarc is a wedding photographer in Kona. He captures breathtaking moments, but those moments for now are put on hold.

In the last week, he’s had seven shoots cancelled, which means less money for his family of five.

“Without money coming in, I’m not going to have any money to pay for anything, so it’s a huge burden, you know, I have three kids,” Klarc said about the economic impact of the outbreak.

Allen and Steele still can’t wait to tie the knot, but they’ve come to realize it’s not about the date, but it’s about their love.

“We are literally leaning on each other to pull through,” Allen exclaimed.

“Postponing our wedding complicates everything, but I’m excited that I feel like once we get married, everything else will fall into place too,” Steele said.

Allen, Steele and Klarc all say the one thing getting them through the tough times is realizing we are all in this together.

Klarc is taking bookings, and hopes business will pick up soon. Check out Klarc’s photography here.