Hawaii health officials say stay-at-home order is working


State health officials announced some promising news about the fight against the coronavirus today.

“I am confident we are flattening the curve here in Hawaii,” said State Health Department Director, Dr. Bruce Anderson. “The current trajectory of this disease is probably as good as we can expect, probably even better than I expected,” he added.

So far more than 15,000 COVID-19 tests have been administered in the state. Dr. Anderson said that is an impressive number.

“The number of tests in Hawaii per capita rivals other countries including South Korea and Thailand,” Dr. Anderson said. “Hawaii is doing more testing than most states in the U.S.”

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, state officials also announced the arrival of 15 new coronavirus test instruments that will be distributed across the islands.

With the new testing instruments, COVID-19 results can be received within minutes.

“As they’re distributed to key partners throughout the islands, they could be useful for diagnosing acute cases, and also for helping to make decisions about disease control by quick testing to identify outbreaks,” said State Laboratories Division Administrator Dr. Edward Desmond.

Lt. Governor Josh Green said the more people stay home, the easier the fight against COVID-19 will be.

“It’s been a very linear curve which is testament to the hard work you’re all doing, so please continue to do that,” Dr. Green said. “Please continue to isolate at home. Please continue to take very seriously the need to social distance.”

Dr. Anderson said Hawaii is at a critical point in time and everyone’s cooperation is of the utmost importance.

“It doesn’t mean we’re not going to see more cases or even more deaths, but we are reducing these numbers to minimize the impact on the healthcare system,” Dr. Anderson said.

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