HONOLULU(KHON2) — Churches like New Hope are taking extra precautions to ensure everyone is safe with so many expected to attend mass starting on Good Friday through Easter Sunday.

Nearly a thousand are expected to attend New Hope services in-person Easter weekend and more than 1,200 more will attend virtually.

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New Hope Pastor John Tilton said, they are doing all they can to keep everyone safe.

“We do expect additional people this weekend,” Tilton said. “We have two overflow tents, whereby we can use overflow tents to ensure social distancing both in the sanctuary and outside in the two overflow tents.”

That is in addition to everyday safety measures they have put in place.

“We social distance both in entering and exiting,” Tilton explained. “Everyone is actually seated by our ushers so that they can assure they social distance the six feet.”

The pastor said, everyone is also temperature checked and masks are mandatory.

“Ushers will actually go through the auditorium during services and if anyone has their mask down they’ll kindly remind them to make sure their masks are on,” Tilton said.

According to Tilton, New Hope also installed air purifiers, a glass barrier separating the pastor from the parish and they offer individual cups and bread for anyone who wants to take part in communion.

“The best thing is for us is to be as vigilant as we can and that’s why we put those protocols in place,” Tilton said. “We hope that all those things will help us to prevent transmittal of the virus.”