Hawaii based restaurant in Las Vegas delays reopening


The ninth island is getting back to business as more retailers and restaurants begin to allow customers inside and loosen restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but for the owner of a Hawaii based eatery, May 9 is still too soon.

The owner of Cinnamon’s Restaurant in Las Vegas, Alika Nam, said they will take their reopening slow and not open on Saturday, he said they are taking extra time to make sure their opening is done safely.

Nam was surprised when he heard restaurants could begin serving dine-in in Nevada.

“It came kind of out of the blue, we were expecting the 15th and that’s when we plan to open,” Nam said. “I mean it’s going to be kind of difficult for other establishments to just round up the crew and be ready to go in like two days.”

Nam said they are planning to welcome customers back to dine-in on May 15, but it still comes with hurdles like getting enough inventory.

Nam said, “Even our suppliers were not sure if they were going to make through this and I know certain products like spam is gone from our vendors.”

Restaurant guidelines in Nevada require all employees to wear face coverings, while strongly encouraging customers to do so.

Customers must be seated six feet apart, and the dining area maintained only at 50 percent capacity.

For his restaurant, Nam is taking extra pre-cautions, including new signage.

Nam said, “A sign saying if you don’t feel well or feeling some kind of sickness please don’t come into the establishment.”

Other changes include one-time-use paper menus, no communal condiments, and customer will have to order and pick up at the counter, they will have no servers.

Nam said, “We look forward to getting back but we are not rushing it and I hate to say it but I want to see how other people do first and the reaction before, you know, there’s just no room for mistakes at this point.”

In Hawaii, Governor David Ige has not allowed restaurants to reopen to dine-in customers and the industry is awaiting state guidelines for its reopening.

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