A man visiting from Japan tested positive for the Coronavirus after returning home, Hawaiian Airlines confirms the man traveled from Kahului to Honolulu on February 3 on flight HA 265 and they are reaching out to crew and agents who supported this particular flight.

The state’s health officials said the level of threat remains low, the man’s symptom were not at full force during his visit.

The state’s epidemiologist, Dr. Sarah Park said during a press conference, “That’s some what reassuring to us cause we know when you have fever you’re more likely to be more infectious. However as a precaution we are working with partners to identify potential close contacts.”

Meanwhile Dr. Alan Wu with Doctors of Waikiki agrees the risk of transmission is low.

Dr. Wu Said, “Especially if there wasn’t any body fluids you know coughing air droplets, I think the risk of infection should be a lot lower.”

As for the virus surviving on surfaces the visitor may have touched, Dr. Wu said there still needs to be more data to provide a detailed timeline.

Dr. Wu said, “Time of survival when it’s out of the host its pretty limited we don’t have an exact time about how many hours it stays on a surface”

A spokesperson for the Association of Flight Attendants said Hawaii Airlines began allowing its employees to wear mask this week.

It is still unclear on which airline the visitor from Japan traveled back home but health officials said he was wearing a face mask at that time.