HONOLULU (KHON) — In a Facebook Live discussion Thursday afternoon, Governor David Ige answered a viewer question about the end date of the “Safer-At-Home” order:

“That proclamation extends right now through the End of May,” he said. “I have to let you know that I have been discussing extending that proclamation, and we probably will be doing that. There might be some changes. We will be looking at more businesses and activities [opening up].

He continued: “The next round of businesses deal with more risky activity. So we’re working with the mayors and establishing the policies of how to move forward in that regard.

“Certainly I’ve told the mayors that my intention is to extend the Safer-At-Home mandate through the end of June. We will be looking at different components of what that means. Certainly we’ll be extending the 14-day mandatory quarantine for all travel into the state till the end of June, but there are other businesses and activities that we are looking at that are medium risk activities that we’ll look at reopening. For example, dining in at restaurants, personal services like hair salons, barber shops and spas. Certainly they’re more risky, but we’re looking at CDC guidance and other guidelines for ways to keep employees and customers safe in those settings.”

Ige initially implemented a “Stay-At-Home/Work-From-Home” order on March 23rd, but as the curve has started to flatten, the order changed to “Safer-At-Home” last week, with a gradual re-opening of businesses and activities starting Friday, May 15th.