Goodwill locations are closed, asks community to hold off on donations


HONOLULU (KHON20 — Amid the state-wide stay at home order, all Goodwill locations are closed until further notice.

But the non-profit says some people keep dumping donations outside its stores, and that’s creating a huge problem.

The organization asks you to hold off on donating until it can re-open.

“Its tough times for everyone,” said Goodwill Hawaii Communications Director Kelley Cho. “We’re a nonprofit organization and we’re running on very limited resources right now and you know it’s just also not safe to be out. We want to keep our own employees home so were just really asking for the community’s support and help.”

Goodwill Hawaii has been cleaning up the piles, but resources are limited.

It also adds that donations that sit out the rain can’t be used.

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