HONOLULU (KHON2) — The rise in COVID cases has some people rethinking their plans. According to the Hawaii Department of Health some activities come at a greater risk than others. 

With the gradual increase in cases, it might come as a good reminder to know your risk level when attending a large event or gathering. 

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The health department said the lowest risk for getting COVID will always be attending a virtual only event or gathering. However, with more people vaccinated and boosted, virtually only events have almost become a thing of the past. 

Small outdoor and in-person gatherings in which people from different households remain spaced at least six feet apart is still considered low-risk. The health department recommends wearing a mask indoors whenever people whose vaccination status is unknown are present and if it is difficult to maintain physical distancing. 

They also recommend not to hug, kiss, share drinks or food with other people in attendance. 

The highest risk to get COVID is attending a large gathering where people’s vaccination status is unknown and not everyone is wearing a mask. The risk is increased if people come from different communities, towns, cities or counties. 

If you are hosting a large event or gathering, it’s safer to gather outside in the fresh air than inside a home. The Health department recommends using your front or backyard or moving the event to your closest neighborhood park.

It is important that everyone at the gathering maintain at least six feet of physical distance from anyone they do not live with. The health department suggests putting down blankets, pillows and chairs strategically to maintain the six feet of distance.

When serving food instead of doing a buffet style or passing the meals from table to table you could provide individual packaged meals or bentos. 

If you are not attending a large gathering but going to a public place that might be hard to adequately socially distance be sure to carry a mask with you. 

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For more helpful tips or to see the daily case count near you head to the health department’s website