HONOLULU (KHON2) — HawaiiVerse was started during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic by Taylor Martin and Jared Kushi.

It is designed to help local businesses but can also help individuals who are looking to save money.

“It’s like Yelp and Groupon and they just had a local baby called HawaiiVerse,” said Kamaka Dias, who was brought on board to help promote the website.

HawaiiVerse was created to help drive business to those struggling during the pandemic.

“So that’s kind of the idea of HawaiiVerse is to have the business put up some sort of coupon, offer or discount to get people in the door with the hopes of making them life long customers,” Dias explained.

The owner of Kula Shave Ice, Tiffany Golden, said support from locals and platforms like HawaiiVerse is what has kept them alive throughout the pandemic.

“So we try to pay it forward as much as we can because we wouldn’t have a business without things like HawaiVerse and everybody coming together for us.”

HawaiiVerse has over 500 registered local businesses on the website so far, and every one of them has a special deal for customers.

“I love being able to support a local family, knowing that my money is going to support them and helping them stay open, not just during this time but as long as possible,” Dias explained. “Because HawaiiVerse was created during the pandemic, but we hope to be around for a really long time.”

HawaiiVerse is free for businesses to sign up with and it is free for customers to use.