Friday night lights back on for class of 2020


The graduating class of 2020 is getting a very different graduation season experience than many of their predecessors, but many high schools will show support for their seniors through a program they call, “Be a Light.”

The Hawaii State Department of Education announced many of its public high schools will fire-up its stadium lights for 20 minutes and 20 seconds each Friday starting April 24 through the end of May.

The school stadiums have gone dark for more than a month, but Principal Keith Hayashi at Waipahu High School said at 8:20 PM on Friday, the lights will shine-on in honor of the 2020 class.

Hayashi said, “To celebrate the accomplishments of the senior class, and to thank them for what they have done, for us at Waipahu for their leadership they have shown through this very trying time.”

The school fields will not be open to the public for viewing, people are encouraged to participate by staying at home and showing their support with the hashtag “#Bealight.”

Hayashi said, “It’s not a public event though, it’s not an event where people would come and gather around our stadium, stadium lights are used so they could be seen from far away, right?”

Principal Hayashi said it has been a challenging year for his staff and seniors, graduation ceremonies are not an option for the class of 2020.

The state’s DOE said commencement ceremonies must be done virtually, with each high school responsible for arranging them. While, graduation requirements will use third quarter grades.

Hayashi said, “I know there are a lot of questions and wondering and I just want to tell our senior class of Waipahu High School our class of 2020 that they can rest assure that the senior council, the teachers, and the graduation committee are working very hard to commemorate and celebrate their accomplishments.”

The DOE said diplomas should be picked-up at the school through a drive-through system or they will be mailed to the student’s home.

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