Tuesday was the first day you could travel between the islands without having to quarantine. But you’ll need to fill out a form and get your temperature checked. Some passengers tell us they didn’t have trouble with the new procedure. A state department of transportation representative said on Tuesday morning, it was also going well. Still, travelers should come to the airport early and have those mandatory forms ready for a smoother process.

“It was different at first, we had to sign a form and there were military people that were guiding us through but that was it,” said Cley Josef Palna of Maui.

Inter-island travelers we spoke to are glad to be on Oahu to connect with family and friends. For Bruce Chang of Maui, the trip was important.

“I just came to bring my mom. My mom passed away in April so I’m bringing her ashes back to Honolulu,” said Chang. “Part of my family lives on the mainland and so we are going to have to cancel the services until the quarantine is lifted.”

While copies are available at the airport, officials say it’s best to have your paperwork completed in advance.

“That will save a few minutes when they get here. People that are doing that are getting through the line and being processed in about a minute or so,” said Tim Sakahara of the Department of Transportation.

If you don’t have a completed form or you have a fever of 100.4 degrees and above, you will not be allowed to fly. Travelers are also asked on the form if they are experiencing other symptoms like sore throat or chills. Airport officials say that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be able to fly, but those travelers will be given an opportunity to get tested for COVID-19.

“That’s why the form is so important because if that case came back to be positive, then the Department of Health would have that information and be able to contact them and take the necessary precautions,” said Sakahara.

Hawaiian Airlines tells us what would happen if a customer cannot board a flight because of a failed temperature check.

“We would either rebook their flight for them at a later date or we would give them a credit. And they could rebook their flight later if it was convenient for them,” said spokeswoman Ann Boticelli.