Final Fantasy VII remake released just in time for isolation


HONOLULU (KHON2) — A very popular video game from the 90s is getting a remake, just in time to entertain gamers self-isolating during the pandemic.

Final Fantasy VII ushered a new era in video gaming when it arrived on the PlayStation in 1997, selling more than 12.3 million units. Since then, technology has advanced considerably.

While the story will remain the same as the original, one big change includes voice actors — something that wasn’t usually done in the 90s. The actors say they were careful as they recorded their lines.

“So many different angles to it,” said John Eric Bentley, the voice of Barrett Wallace. “So I was very cautious with how I came up with the character that I wanted to portray in him.”

“She’s not a damsel in distress by any means,” said Britt Baron, the voice of Tifa Lockhart. “She’s fighting right next to Cloud and Barrett. And you know, these really massive masculine fighters. She’s definitely seeking revenge.”

Final fantasy VII is out April 10 for PlayStation 4.

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