HONOLULU (KHON2) – With more people and kids working and learning from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, local chiropractors say they’re seeing an increase in body ache complaints.

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Dr. Ken Fuyuki, a chiropractor and certified athletic trainer, says taking the time to create a proper work from home setup is crucial.

“So a lot of us are probably working on a dining table or kitchen counter top for multiple hours in an uncomfortable setting,” said Dr. Ken Fuyuki, owner of TRIO Health. “Naturally those postures are going to take a toll on your body.”

One way to prevent long-term injuries includes making sure your setup allows a proper posture.

“What I always recommend is make the laptop screen match about your head height so the eyesight will be about ten to 15 degrees down. That allows a natural neutral position that will prevent some of the aches or compensation that can occur.”

If you’re working on a laptop, using accessories like laptop stands can further improve your posture.

“The laptop is a lot higher. We want a wireless keyboard, because we don’t want the laptop to be higher bringing your hands up.”

When it comes to children, distance learning from home, along with a proper setup, make sure you get them to stand and stretch for five minutes every hour.

If you are suffering from neck and lower back pain, there are some quick fixes you can try at home.

“A lot of self massage and foam rollers. Also how to use a lacrosse ball to roll out some knots in your upper traps where a lot of people keep tension there’s a lot of things you can do day to day.”

For tips on how to relieve pain that may be caused by your work from home posture, click here.

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