HONOLULU (KHON2) — Estelle Green, wife of prominent Hawaii attorney Michael Green, was on a ventilator, put in a coma, and hospitalized for 90 days while being treated for COVID-19.

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Her family was told by doctors that it is a miracle she survived and made it home in time for the holidays.

Michael Green said, his wife Estelle loves Christmas so much that every year she starts wrapping presents in the summer.

“I mean she’s wrapping bows, wrapping flowers, and wrapping over 150 to 200 presents that are under the tree,” he said.

“It’s her joy in life. Everything she does for someone else is her joy in life, and this year, we weren’t sure­, I wasn’t sure she’d be home for Christmas,” Michael Green said.

Estelle was not feeling well in early September and was taken to the hospital. She tested positive for COVID-19 a few days later and was treated at Pali Momi.

“I got a call at 4:30 a.m., saying they put her on a ventilator, and then induced a coma, and then they paralyzed her,” Green recalled.

“The only thing I got from that is thank God she’s not in pain anymore, she can’t feel the pain. Because she told me how much pain she was in the last time we saw her,” he said.

Green said the nights he was not by her side were extremely difficult.

“It tears your guts out,” he said.

“This is a disease that has almost every aspect of loneliness and pain, fear and everything,” he continued.

Green said, prayers started to pour in from across the country. He said, he would alternate nights at the hospital with his daughters and remembers being at home when his daughter called crying.

“She said mommy just stood up, they were holding her forearms, but the weight was on her legs and she sat down and stood up again,” Green said.

“The doctors told me it isn’t possible medically for that to happen. And the traveling nurse who’s been helping us, said I’ve been all over the country that’s medically impossible, no one stands up after 90 days,” he said.

“We had people praying all over the world and I have to tell you that the things that happened with my wife were not simply medical miracles and fortuitous things. There’s no other explanation other than prayer,” Green said.

Michael Green said, he is extremely grateful Pali Momi allowed family visits and believes that they helped save Estelle’s life.

“The doctors tell me that the contact with family and loved ones is an ingredient in saving people and people getting healed,” he said.

Green admitted to being casual about taking the virus seriously, but has a different opinion on it now.

“You just really, really have to be careful and what you do, like I said, I didn’t appreciate this terrible threat,” he said. “It’s not very selective. It goes after everyone, every walk of life.”

“I will tell anybody who thinks that that, you know, this is a disease that that you don’t have to wear a mask or other things that this is a deadly, deadly disease that doesn’t want to let you go, and the loneliness, it’s terrible,” he continued.

“This is actually a good Christmas for us, and it’s one I wasn’t sure we would have,” he said.

This year, their daughters wrapped the gifts and decorated the tree. Like many COVID-19 survivors, Estelle continues to recover but her family is grateful she is able to do so at home.

“She’s working really hard, and she’s looking forward to Christmas Eve tonight, and she’ll be sitting at the table even if it’s in a wheelchair,” Green said.

Green said he is worried about the second wave that is hitting across the globe. He said he is fortunate to know prominent doctors across the country.

“They say that the second round of this disease is going to be more virulent, and I fear for lots of people,” he said.

He said, he hopes people follow the basic health guidance and that speaking out about his family’s battle with COVID-19 will help other families stay safe.

“She is truly a person that has been blessed. I have no doubt. I begged God not to take her yet. She’s an angel on Earth,” he concluded.

Michael and Estelle Green renewed their wedding vows as she was wrapping up her battle with COVID-19

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