Facebook rolls out new ‘Care’ emojis for coronavirus pandemic



(NEXSTAR) – Facebook is launching two new emojis during the coronavirus pandemic for users to express support for one another.

Alexandru Voica, a communications manager with Facebook, announced on Twitter that the “Care” reactions are “a way for people to share their support with one another during this unprecedented time.”

The Facebook emoji is a hug, while the Messenger emoji is a purple heart.

Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook app, told USA Today that the idea of a hug reaction “came back consistently as one of the emotions and feelings that were missing from reactions.”

“So that’s something that was always on our minds,” Simo said. “And with the crisis that we are going through right now, there is no doubt that people need more compassion, more support.”

The new emojis are scheduled to appear on Messenger Friday and Facebook next week, USA Today reports.

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