HONOLULU (KHON2) — Eye-opening testimony from a Queen’s West emergency room doctor was delivered on Thursday, Sept. 2, at the Honolulu City Council meeting.

Dr. Ronald Kuroda shared two side-by-side X-rays of healthy lungs and the lungs of a patient with COVID-19.

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“This is what it looks like when somebody has COVID. You can tell the lungs look different. It’s white, so the air is not able to get past all that white. It also shows he’s on a ventilator. The tube is on there. And… this is the same person. Somebody who came into our hospital for a regular check. That’s his X-ray when he came into the hospital with COVID. People are saying it’s the people who are vaccinated that are sickest in the hospital. Actually, I have 33 people at Queens West with COVID, and none of them are vaccinated.

Dr. Ronald Kuroda, Queen’s West emergency room doctor

Dr. Kuroda said, multiple doctors and nurses gave the patient around-the-clock care, but the man could not be saved.