Ewa Beach Mom celebrates Mother’s Day with the greatest gift, her son’s recovery from COVID-19


After what the family has been through during this pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding her son’s health, this Mother’s Day means more to Peggy Torda-Saballa than ever before.

“I got the best Mother’s Day present ever given to me,” she said.

Torda-Saballa says she’s sleeping and eating better knowing that her son – Coby Torda – is recovering after being in a medically induced coma. He has been hospitalized after he had the Coronavirus in March.

“Before Coby woke up, I had envisioned what it would be like if he hadn’t wakened up yet,” said Torda-Saballa. “He doesn’t completely have his bearings yet, so he’s still trying to piece together the missing parts of his life that he missed for seven weeks.”

A couple of days ago, Torda had a valve installed into his trachea as part of a trial and was able to say a few words for the first time since he woke up.

“I told him I was happy to hear his voice and see him. And I told him that I loved him so much and he told me I love you too mom. And that’s when he started weeping and that’s when we all started weeping,” she said.

Torda is beginning to sit at the edge of the bed and stand with a walker for short periods. While simple tasks take much out of him, his mother says he’s coming along. The family is really looking forward to making his 38th birthday on Tuesday as special as it can be.

“Earlier he had texted us saying that he wanted to come home for his birthday but we had to explain to him what obstacles and tasks he had to achieve before he could do that. So on his birthday, we are going to send him some cake and balloons and do a family FaceTime with him and have a virtual birthday gathering with him,” she said.

The family is thankful for the prayers and support they’ve received from the people of Hawaii.

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