Ewa Beach couple aboard cruise ship under quarantine for Coronavirus


The numbers keep going up. There are now 490 deaths from the Coronavirus in mainland China and more than 24,000 cases.

Among the new cases, 10 people aboard a Princess Cruise ship in Japan. Everyone on the ship is now under quarantine, including a couple from Ewa Beach.

Eric and Debbie Pagan were supposed to fly back home from Japan Tuesday. Their trip just got extended another 14 days. For now, they can’t leave their room, and it’s not clear where they will be held under quarantine.

The Diamond Princess is docked at Yokohama, Japan after ending a 14-day cruise through Asia. Passengers Debbie and Eric Pagan were taken aback when they were told Japanese officials were boarding the ship to check their temperatures and screen everyone for the Coronavirus.

“They had officials come door to door, they ask that all the passengers remain in their staterooms. So they started from the 14th floor where we’re at and worked their way down,” said Eric Pagan.

Health officials say an infected person flew into Tokyo and spent a few days aboard the ship. When the screening was done, the Pagans received even more disturbing news.

“The captain came on the speaker and announced that 10 people were tested positive for the Coronavirus and that they were gonna be taken off the ship to a hospital,” said Pagan.

Princess Cruises says there are 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew members on board. Pagan says all passengers are being told to remain in their rooms. So for the time being, it’s room service at mealtimes. He says he and his wife feel fine physically and at this point, not too worried about the outbreak. But others aren’t feeling so secure.

“I can sense some people are feeling really frightened about it and nervous. Some were even thinking about lying to the officials with the questionnaires, just to get off the ship,” said Pagan.

Chinese officials say the man initially infected is an 80-year-old from Hong Kong, and likely contracted the virus from another person.

Pagan points out that he never noticed if anyone was sick on board throughout the cruise but a lot of people were wearing masks.

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