HONOLULU (KHON2) — In 2017, Pearlridge Center underwent a $33 million renovation project, which included upgrading its Consolidated Theatres. However, since the pandemic started, excessive cleaning from sanitation protocols have caused some deterioration.

“The faux leather reclining seats are already peeling and some of the tray tables have begun to delaminate,” said Barry Swedeen, who went to the theater last week.

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Swedeen and his wife saw “Top Gun: Maverick” and were appalled at how bad things are.

“It’s so bad that my wife brings a towel to throw over her seat,” Swedeen said, who adds that there are a lot of customer photos of the conditions on Yelp.

Swedeen also uploaded his own images here:

Kyler Kokubun, Consolidated Theatres Marketing & Events Manager, said at the start of the pandemic, certain cleaning agents and procedures were initially recommended for businesses and personal use across the board that have since been revised.

“These early guidelines produced increased wear to the exteriors of some recliners at locations offering these seating options,” Kokubun said.

He added that they have been closely working with the manufacturer to provide new covers that can still be sanitized at an increased level using the currently recommended cleaning supplies with minimal damage.

“We are pleased to have found a solution with them that will surpass both our luxury seating and high safety standards,” said Kokubun. “We will be implementing these improvements wherever needed as soon as possible, and these replacements have already been ordered.”

However, as with other businesses, they have encountered supply chain issues that have caused arrival delays, but they will be rolling out replacements in waves as supplies come in.

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