HONOLULU (KHON2) — A major concern among retailers is cleanliness and making sure customers feel comfortable shopping.

Premier Restoration Hawaii said they’ve already restocked in advance to prepare for businesses reopening. They have gotten some calls from local retailers to help clean and disinfect their shops.

“What we would recommend for any business owners, is to focus on cleaning key touch points. So think about things you, your employees and your customers are going to be touching multiple times throughout the day,” said Anthony Nelson, chief commercial officer for Premier Restoration Hawaii.

These can be things like doorknobs, cash registers and credit card machines, countertops and even alarm pads.

Nelson said their job also goes beyond just cleaning and disinfecting.

“[It’s also} making sure they have a clear understanding of what they should be cleaning, because that’s what folks a lot of times miss the mark is exactly what is regarded as a key touch points,” said Nelson.

There’s also a new product on the rise that more and more businesses are asking for. It’s called the “Super Virus Shield,” which is sold by Superglass Windshield Repair Hawaii.

“It’s kind of been ramping up the last 2-3 weeks because people have been anticipating that businesses are coming back,” said James Pferschy, Superglass Windshield Repair Hawaii Owner.

“What this product does is it provides a coating that mechanically kills anytime [there is] a microorganism that’s bacteria,” said Pferschy. “It kills the bacteria walls and there’s nothing for microorganisms to live on.”

He said it’s been approved by both the USDA and the EPA.

The coating can last from a few months to a year,  depending on how much the surface is touched. Superglass Windshield Repair Hawaii also goes back and tests how much bacteria is on the surfaces to check if it’s still working.

Normally they work with car dealers, rental car services and tour busses, but their business has been expanding.

“One of the biggest projects that’s coming up that we’re going to be working on is a church. That’s obviously going to be one of the last places to roll out with so many people,” said Pferschy.

He said the reason why this product and cleaning has grown so popular is because it’s no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

“The important thing right now is consumer confidence and people are going to want to know walking into a business is it safe?,” said Pferschy.

Both say they’ll be able to handle new work if additional businesses reopen.