HONOLULU (KHON2) – With COVID cases rising this month, the Honolulu City Council is urging the City administration to expand COVID testing on Oahu.

The HCC introduced a resolution asking the City to reopen the mobile testing clinic at the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel in Waikiki, and to re-establish in-community testing programs funded by unspent CARES ACT funds to provide mobile clinics at additional sites across the island.

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The council also wanted to immediately increase the hours at the airport testing facility to avoid long waiting periods.

Councilmember Esther Kiaʻaina said the city administration needs to improve their operations for the long term.

“This is not going away-consider an alternative site where people can have peace of mind,” Kia’aina said. “It’s already stressful going there. We don’t need more stress.”

Although the City administration said there are planning to expand COVID testing on the island, the city council introduced a resolution urging the City to reopen and expand isolation and quarantine facilities for COVID positive patients.

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The City administration responded and said they currently have 64 quarantine beds and they are trying to expand another 130 rooms.