Campbell football star Titus Mokiao-Atimalala chooses not to dwell on summer opportunities stripped by pandemic


Titus Mokiao-Atimalala

Titus Mokiao-Atimalala’s junior season was historic in many ways. After catching 62 passes for 18 touchdowns and 1,136 yards to go along with five interceptions on defense at safety, the Campbell star was named the Cover2 Marcus Mariota Player of the Year. It was the first time the award was earned by a player that wasn’t a senior.

The gaudy receiving numbers have also put him in a position to cement his name in the record books. If his senior season looks similar to his previous three at the prep level, he’ll hold the state records for receiving yards, receiving touchdowns and total receptions after the upcoming season.

The summer of 2020 was set to be the months where he’d enjoy the fruits of his labor in the form of visits and elite camps, but those plans have been put to a halt due to travel restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mokiao-Atimalala was likely to earn an exclusive invite to The Opening, which is limited to the nation’s top skill players. Players are also allowed to take five official all-expense paid visits to NCAA schools. In 2017, the NCAA permitted official visits in the summer. Since then, summer official visits have become more frequent since it doesn’t interfere with a high school player’s senior season. Although unofficial visits are allowed in an unlimited capacity, they are not funded by schools.

“It’s been tough. Me and my family had set up some visits and was set to go to different camps,” Mokiao-Atimalala said. “Now that we’re not gonna be able to have it is kind of tough but it’s all good. I just try to control what I can control.”

Mokiao-Atimalala has chosen to focus on the positive, which is his steady rise in becoming one of the state’s most decorated prospects ever. He is a consensus four-star prospect who currently holds 18 scholarship offers, 13 of which come from schools in a Power Five conference.

“It’s a true blessing not just for me, but for my family,” he said. “Getting scholarships and just being able to have the opportunity to the next level, I’m just blessed.”

Currently, Mokiao-Atimalala says each offer holds the same weight. He also holds an offer from Hawaii and has not ruled out the Rainbow Warriors as a potential suitor, especially considering the fact that his older brother, Tamatoa, signed with UH as a receiver last December.

“Hawaii is always my home. Being able to have the opportunity to play in front of my people is a true blessing,” Titus says. “If I can play with my people and also along with my brother, it’s gonna be another blessing. It would be amazing not just for me, but for my family to be in the stands. Yeah, it would be lovely.”

He still may be able to take his five visits, but it certainly depends on how the pandemic unfolds. For now, he’ll continue to train and build on his legacy to make sure that whichever school he ends up with is getting the best version of Titus Mokiao-Atimalala.

“Just working out all the time is just making me miss it more,” he said. “But I just know that when I come back, I want to come out stronger and come out even better than how I was before.”

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