HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Grand Princess arrived on Oahu on February 27 and was docked at Pier 2.

Passengers were allowed to get off here as they did on Kauai, Maui, and in Hilo.

But State officials say they have not identified any specific risk in Hawaii so far.

Two passengers on the Grand Princess, who went from San Francisco to Mexico backtested positive for COVID-19.

One of them, a 71-year-old California man, died.

Those two were not on the Grand Princess trip that came to Hawaii shortly after. However, Princess Cruises told KHON2 that 62 guests who sailed the previous Mexico voyage, remained on board to go to Hawaii.

The Grand Princess visited four ports in the state: Kauai on the 26th and Oahu on the 27th. Then on the 28th, the Grand Princess made its way to Maui. On the 29th, its final stop in the state was Hilo before it headed back to the mainland.

Officials say one person was tested for the virus, the patient was one of three who were tested Wednesday.

“A crew member became ill and was admitted to Hilo Medical Center. We were able to test that individual and he, or sh,e is negative for COVID-19,” said Hawaii Gov. David Ige.

The State says at this time there is no threat to anyone in Hawaii.

“So there is no indication at this time for us to follow up on anyone. I mean, we can’t just cast a wide net in a general sense and follow up with every single person who’s been on the dock,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park. “All it does is scare people unnecessarily, frankly, and we need an indication that there is actually a person to link everyone.”

The Transportation Department tells us that the staff has always disinfected the docks but now are being more diligent about the cleaning.

“They do a very good job at cleaning and sanitizing with bleach and antibacterial cleanser to sanitize all those common areas and touchpoints at the harbors and at the piers where those cruise ships load and unload,” said Tim Sakahara of the Department of Transportation.

We’re told that one person on board the cruise ship is quarantined and officials are also dealing with confirmed cases of influenza.

“At this point, there is no reason to think there is COVID-19 onboard this vessel,” said Department of Health Director Dr. Bruce Anderson. “We are going to have to wait and see and find out what they find in California. When they do, the testing of those who are considered to be possible cases.”

The Grand Princess is scheduled to arrive in San Francisco on Thursday, March 5.