Honolulu’s Mayor Kirk Caldwell said the opening of some businesses in the city and county may be happening soon, these would be businesses that fall under the low-risk category.

Pet groomers, workers at an automated carwash, and realtors are part of the low-risk category who could resume work if the number of COVID-19 cases continues in a downward path.

Caldwell said, “If I had the authority, I would like to see this happen by May 1 which is coming up very shortly because I think the risks are low and I think the modification in protecting the customers and the employees.”

Caldwell said a realtor would have to limit the number of people inside a showing to three, while pet groomers would have to maintain their distance from customers.

Ultimately it is Governor David Ige’s decision to open these businesses but Caldwell said he is sharing his vision with the public as discussions between the mayors and governor continue.

“Today is about the kind of things we are looking at and I think it’s appropriate to share with the public and with the business community the kind of things we are looking at to get input from them,” Caldwell said. “Of course, no action will be taken without the authority of the governor.”

Governor Ige said florists are the only non-essential shops that are allowed to reopen on May 1, he said no other decisions have been made yet.

The other types of jobs the mayor said could be part of the first wave of reopening are education, tutors, and they must follow physical distancing, as well as car dealerships who would operate by appointment only.

Caldwell said the first weekend of open parks to limited activity went with no major incidents, he is looking forward to opening golf courses next under safety guidelines by the PGA.

Caldwell said, “Public and private golf courses but on under appropriate social distancing and sanitation hygiene guidelines.”

The mayor said it is still too risky to consider opening salons and barbershops.