Back to back days of increased COVID-19 cases


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Sixty COVID-19 cases on Friday was the highest single-day jump in Hawaii, the increase in number comes as the state is on hurricane watch for the weekend.

Dr. Scott Miscovich of Premier Medical Group said the virus is wide-spread, although certain clusters of cases continue to show more positives, such as in Pearl City Nursing Home, where 14 cases are now connected to the facility.

Even with wide testing of the facility and safety measures, he expects the count to go up.

“The honest answer is that I expect that four or so could convert to positive just because it is so easy for the disease to spread in nursing homes but all are stable and we are keeping them all in the facility in the quarantine zone.”  

Dr. scott miscovich, premier medical group

The Hawaii State Department of Health and Lt. Gov. Josh Green said the high number of cases on Friday are not directly connected to a super-spreader event, instead, these are cases spread throughout the community.

Green said, “There are clusters but not like you think, it’s not clusters of 12 or 15 it’s clusters of two and three, and so there are really a lot of cases that are spread out, they have been most on Oahu the last two days.”

Green said it is easier to trace the movement of the virus when it is tied to a cluster of cases, but when contagion is through community spread it could become a challenge to identify all of the exposed contacts.

Green said, “It’s worse if it’s community spread because that suggests that we are spreading it from one group to a totally different group, it randomizes the disease and then the disease can spread more widely. ”

Green recommends sticking within your bubble of usual contacts while taking shelter during this weekend’s hurricane watch.

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