Are you experiencing mask acne? Experts provide tips on preventing unwanted breakouts from masks


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Face masks are meant to protect us from germs, but the bacteria inside your mask could be causing a problem.

“As you can see there’s some makeup in there and that’s only what you can see,” said Jaina Cassidy, an Esthetician. “What you can’t see is the bacteria in here, what you can’t see is all of the moisture and all of the oil that’s stuck in here.”

Estheticians are calling it mask acne or breakouts from wearing your masks constantly.

“We’re breathing in and out, so basically all of that air and all of that humidity and everything is just building up in that area.”

Cassidy says you should be changing out your masks daily, especially if you have acne prone skin. You should also be maintaining a good skin care routine.

“If you’re using the right products, if you’re masking at home or even coming in for facial treatments that’s going to be a game changer to help subdue the amount of breakouts you’re going to get.”

To avoid mask acne, it’s important to wash your masks regularly but be aware of what you’re cleaning it with.

“Sometimes it can even be your laundry detergent, because now something is fully rubbing on your face and your skin. So unfortunately there are a lot of things in laundry detergents and soap that shouldn’t be rubbing against your skin or being absorbed in your skin.”

For essential workers that have to wear their masks everyday, Cassidy suggests redoing a full skincare routine during breaks.

“During your break just do your skincare routine again. Like wash off your face, do everything over again. At least your skin will be fresh and you can at least minimize some of the breakouts you’re going to get.”

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