After Sep. 1, Hawaii may set up hotels for visitors to quarantine in


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Once the mandatory 14-day quarantine is lifted, some officials are expecting visitor numbers to rise.

However, once more visitors come, some are asking how the state will keep track of the people who choose not to pre-test and quarantine instead.

One of the ideas being considered is setting up specific hotels, or hotel areas, for people to quarantine in. Some hotels, like Hotel Coral Reef Resort on Kauai, have already expressed interest to counties on joining in on the idea of helping to provide a place for people who need to quarantine.

The Hotel Coral Reef Resort General Manager Alicia Mcgurn said they already have procedures in place for quarantined individuals.

“They’ll book their stay and we’ll usually get a call from someone from the airport from the state of Hawaii to confirm…and they will verify the guest’s name and the amount of days that they booked,” said Mcgurn.

From there, she said staff will monitor the cameras on property to ensure guests are following the quarantine rules. The state can also come in to conduct follow-up checks.

“While the guest is here on quarantine, we’ll have either a police officer or one of the military people who come and check on the guest to make sure they’re in place in their room,” said Mcgurn.

She said that they also have strong policies in place to limit staff contact.

Food, towels and sheets will be delivered to the guests’ door, and any dirty towels or sheets the guests want to replace need to be placed in a bag outside their door for staff to collect.

They also have their own version of a one-time use key, using a key pad and code that works for 24 hours.

Maui County Mayor Mike Victorino is pushing for all visitors to get pre-tested once the mandatory 14-day quarantine is lifted. He said there needs to be a strict policy in place to make sure that officials can monitor where visitors are staying.

“The property themselves will have to help us with the monitoring part…and all the information we received will go into a central database and that way we could contact and make sure they’re staying in place,” said Victorino.

“What we want to make sure is, whatever system is in place is uniform and that we have a central monitoring group that makes sure this is being done,” said Victorino.

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