HONOLULU(KHON2)–The CDC said people 65 or older and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk for coronavirus, but anyone can catch it.

Peggy Torda-Saballa said her son Coby Torda was healthy before he was infected. She never dreamed coronavirus would hit her family this hard. Especially not her youngest son. Now she wants to send a message to everyone. She said we are all at risk and is asking everyone to stay home.

Just three weeks ago Coby Torda was a happy, healthy 37-year-old.

Today, he is in ICU at Kaiser Moanlua, battling COVID-19, fighting for his life.

“Right now my boy is lying there trying to fight it so he can come back to us,” Torda-Saballa said as she choked-back tears.

She said it all started on Tuesday, March 10. Her son, who works as a bartender, came home from work with a cough and a headache that night. By the 15th he felt even worse.

“By that time it progressed to fever, chills and just malaise. We took him to Queens (Medical Center). They tested him cause he was a very good candidate.”

Torda-Saballa said they were told it would take three days to get the results.

Her son self quarantined and waited for the results. Six days later she said, he was still waiting. He could barely breathe so they took him to the ER where he was intubated. He’s been there ever since.

“He was very healthy, very healthy, Jenny. He took supplements, exercised, went to the gym multiple times during the week…this virus can hit anyone.”

KHON: “What is your message to everyone out there who doesn’t think that this could happen to them?”

“My message is that this is real and you better take this seriously…please be compliant to the rules the government has put in place,” Torda-Saballa said.

She said the hardest thing about it is that she can’t be by his side.

‘Mothers are the ones that fixes it all the time. This situation I can’t do anything but pray.”

She said her family is grateful for the outpouring of love and support they’ve received.