A look at when more businesses, like hair salons and theaters, will reopen on the neighbor islands


Kauai, Maui and Hawaii continue to move forward gradually reopening at paces that suit their particular needs and situations. Medium risk businesses like salons and restaurants are next on the list.

Each county has been impacted by COVID-19 on different levels. Although they are all following CDC and state guidelines, county mayors are moving forward with reopening in ways that align best with their communities.

Epic Hair Boutique owner Darcy Furtado said she is ready.

Furtado’s hair salon has been closed for almost two months like other salons around the state. Furtado is overjoyed at the prospect of opening this Friday–two weeks early.

Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami is pushing forward with reopening medium risk businesses ahead of schedule.

Kawakami said his reopening strategy is based on the level of risk for his particular island. After five weeks without any new cases of COVID-19 on Kauai, he feels they are ready to move forward.

Furtado agrees.

“It’s funny, as soon as the mayor made his announcement yesterday, myself and all of our stylists’ phones were ringing off the hook already. (Customers) are so excited and eager to come in and get services done. Everybody’s tired of putting their hats on and putting their hair up in ponytails and buns,” Furtado said.

Kauai is also looking at opening other medium risk activities such as: outdoor tours and guided experiences like zip lining, horseback tours; churches and worship services; pools and common areas; and one-on-one services including tutoring, fitness trainers, hair salons, nail salons.

Kawakami said he is waiting on Governor Ige’s approval.

Maui County Mayor Victorino said he will open some medium-risk businesses like salons and churches Monday, May 25.

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim is targeting June 1 for medium-risk businesses.

Kim said if all goes well, he may open higher risk businesses such as museums, theaters and indoor exercise facilities on June 15. He wants to wait 14 days–one incubation period for COVID-19–to weigh the impact.

Dine in restaurant services are slated to resume on Maui and Honolulu June 5.

Some restaurants may wait longer.

Da Kitchen co-owner Les Tomita said he will likely wait until the weekend of July 4 to reopen his restaurants on Maui for dine-in service.

“I would want to see what comes in place– whatever everybody does. Not to be negative, but to see the mistakes that everybody makes, and then we can fall in line with that,” Tomita explained.

“We’re going to take this from a 92-seater to a 25-seater. It’s going to be a different game.”

All activities and businesses that are reopening must adhere to CDC guidelines, practice social distancing, wear protective masks when required and follow all other rules set forth by the state and city. People under mandatory quarantine are not allowed to go to businesses that are open.

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