HONOLULU (KHON2) — Friday, May 7, was the first day that Hawaii residents were able to upload their vaccination cards to the Safe Travels website.

The State admitted that there were some hiccups.

Uploading the vaccination card will allow Hawaii residents to travel inter-island without getting tested starting on Tuesday, May 11. Officials say there were many who could not get it done.

“Maybe because it’s a surge, people all want to get on now. So be patient, if it doesn’t work right now, go back in a few hours and try again,” said Maui Mayor Mike Victorino.

The State says more than 1,400 vaccination cards were uploaded on the first day. Those who are having problems are advised to sure the information on the vaccination card and the flight are accurate. Screeners can also check the card itself when the traveler arrives. Officials recommend bringing the physical vaccination card, just to be sure.

Mayor Victorino says he is adding extra screeners come Tuesday, but stresses the importance for travelers to have patience then as well.

“We’re going through a new age a new change so let’s all be patient. Go a little earlier to the airport, be prepared for a little delay. When you get off the plane, prepare for a little delay,” said Mayor Victorino.

The State says travelers can only upload their vaccination card if it is linked to a trip. They’re trying to develop the system so the uploaded card can be saved for future trips.

Those who are able to upload their vaccination card will get a QR code, which can be printed or save on a mobile phone. Screeners will use that code to verify all the information that is on the traveler’s Safe Travels profile.

“They’ll be looking at your ID to make sure that’s you and it matches what’s on the card, and if upon the screener’s review they deem it legitimate, you will be successfully screened in,” said Elton Ushio, Kauai Emergency Management administrator.

Counties like Maui and the Big Island are already checking vaccination cards from mainland travelers, which allows them to bypass the post-arrival test. Officials there say they already have some experience on what to expect starting Tuesday.

“Nothing will really change for us as far as our testing protocols and our checking protocols of those who are coming in with a vaccination, because we already have the infrastructure in place to handle that,” said Cyrus Johnasen, from the Hawaii County Mayor’s Office.

Click here to visit the Safe Travels Hawaii website.